Mountain View Hyundai Would Like You to Know About the Following Design Features on the Hyundai Kona

When you look at the Hyundai Kona, you will find a popular small SUV that has much to offer in the way of innovative design features. This makes it fun to drive, highly practical, and comfortable for drivers and passengers alike. You will want to check these features out for yourself.

The Kona itself is designed with aesthetics in mind. You will notice a sculpted body that is really quite sporty on both the inside and outside. There is a long wheelbase combined with short overhangs. This results in easy handling along even the tightest of curves, so you will have a lot of fun driving this one.

You will also love the high-efficiency LED headlights that have been added to the Kona. There are also LED Daytime Running Lights. These two features alone make the SUV much safer to drive overall. Set up a test drive of the Hyundai Kona the next time you visit Mountain View Hyundai.


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