Hyundai Ioniq: Hybrid Car With Contemporary Design

The Hyundai Ioniq attracts plenty of interest from drivers in Ringgold, GA who want great fuel economy. This compact hybrid car runs on some of the most sophisticated mechanical technologies that have been developed in South Korea. We at Mountain View Hyundai proudly present the Blue base trim as an affordable model with amazing gas mileage. You can also get more premium features from the SEL and Limited editions at our dealership.

A 1.6 L gas engine works in tandem with a lithium-ion polymer battery under the hood of this efficient Hyundai model. Additional electrical output is created by a conventional motor with a permanent magnet. Regenerative braking contributes to enhanced efficiency by recycling heat energy that's lost by the brakes. You should gently apply the brakes to optimize the conversion of energy at a stop sign or traffic light. Additionally, the Ioniq saves fuel by running on the custom Drive Mode Select.

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