A Hyundai vehicle with a wheelchair attached to the rear.

Where can I find discounts on adaptive disability equipment installations on new vehicles near Chattanooga, TN?

Driving a car with a disability can be a challenge. Luckily, a variety of equipment exists that makes driving an easier feat to accomplish. Unluckily, however, it’s often expensive, both to buy and install.

Back on the lucky side, however, there are programs available that will provide money towards purchasing and installing adaptive disability equipment on a vehicle. Where can one find such programs near Chattanooga?

Hyundai Mobility Program Disability Installation Discount Offers in the Ringgold, GA Region

Here at Mountain View Hyundai, we offer the Hyundai Mobility Program. That means our dealership will provide up to $1,000 towards the cost of installing adaptive disability equipment in a Hyundai. This offer is currently good through January 2nd, 2020, but programs of this nature are often extended.

Hyundai Mobility Program at Mountain View Hyundai

A woman in a wheelchair flies through the celestial realm to enter her new Hyundai with ease.

Which vehicles are eligible for the Hyundai Mobility Program?

Select new and unused Hyundai models that are sold or leased (and delivered) to a retail customer by an authorized Hyundai dealership are eligible for the Hyundai Mobility program. Luckily, we at Mountain View Hyundai just so happen to be one of those authorized Hyundai dealerships!

To get started, download and complete the claim form.

What equipment is eligible for the Hyundai Mobility Program discount?

Equipment eligible for the Hyundai Mobility Program includes basically any aftermarket alteration or equipment that serves the purpose of providing the user with convenient access to and/or the ability to drive the eligible Hyundai vehicle.

Do I need medical documentation?

If the equipment you would like to get discounted is not related in a straightforward, obvious way to a medical need, it will require original medical documentation clearly detailing the disability or permanent impairment for which it’s intended. This documentation must be prepared on a letterhead by a licensed and certified medical or medical-related professional.

Who needs to install the adaptive disability equipment in order to qualify?

The adaptive disability equipment must be installed by an authorized Adaptive Equipment company (not a Hyundai dealership, sadly). The installation must be performed within six months of purchase or lease of the vehicle.

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