front view of camouflaged 2021 hyundai elantra n

Hyundai Unveils Elantra N for 2021

What Comes With the 2021 Hyundai Elantra N Line? 

Hyundai is constantly progressing and improving its vehicles. In fact, we already have some news to share regarding the 2021 model year. That’s because Hyundai recently gave us a preview of what we can expect from the upcoming Elantra N Line Model. 

What comes with this model exactly? Well, not everything has been revealed just yet. For instance, Hyundai hasn’t shown anyone the exact design of the vehicle, though a video and photos have been made available that show the car in camouflage.  

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What to Expect From the 2021 Elantra N Line 

Of course, there will be N brand design elements found on the vehicle. We will have to wait until the model is fully unveiled without the camouflage to see what this will look like though.  

rear view of elantra n

Other enhancements will be an upgrade to the chassis, as well as a turbocharged engine. After all, the N Line is all about having a blast behind the wheel.  

Those familiar with the Hyundai lineup know that the Veloster, Hyundai’s high-performance hatchback, also has an N model. The vehicle for 2020 has a starting MSRP of $27,600 and manages up to 275 horsepower and features optional 19-inch wheels. 

With the Elantra N for 2021, another performance-oriented option is added for the Elantra lineup, which already includes the Elantra GT hatchback. It features sporty design and up to 201 horsepower. 

As more information is made available about the upcoming 2021 Hyundai Elantra N, we will be sure to keep you updated here on the Mountain View Hyundai website blogContact us today to learn more about model availability and all of your favorite Hyundai models.